is an accepted variant, but Muslim is generally preferred.

Bryson’s dictionary for writers and editors. 2013.


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  • Moslem — Mos lem (m[o^]z l[e^]m), n.; pl. {Moslems} (m[o^]z l[e^]mz), or collectively {Moslem}. [Ar. muslim a true believer in the Mohammedan faith, fr. salama to submit to God, to resign one s self to the divine will. Cf. {Islam}, {Mussulman}.] An… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Moslem — Mos lem (m[o^]z l[e^]m), a. Of or pertaining to the Mohammedans; Mohammedan; as, Moslem lands; the Moslem faith. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

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  • Moslem — Mohammedaner; Muselmann; Muslim * * * Mos|lem [ mɔslɛm], der; s, s, Mos|le|min [mɔs le:mɪn], die; , nen, Mus|lim [ mʊslɪm], der; [s], Muslime [mʊs li:mə] u. s, Mus|li|min [mʊs li:mɪn], die; , nen: Anhänger[in] des Islam: als gläubiger Moslem… …   Universal-Lexikon

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